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BDS 6" (15 cm) Coil-Over Lift Kit -

BDS 6" (15 cm) Coil-Over Lift Kit -


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BDS Suspension 6" Coil-Over Lift 2013 - 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD Gas/Eco-Diesel 1/2 Ton Pickup.

Front (base kit): 6" Fox 2.5 Coil-Over
Rear (base kit): 3" Coil Spring

Through a collaborative effort between BDS Suspension and Fox Racing, BDS now offers this 4-6" Dodge 1500 4WD suspension system featuring Fox 2.5" coil-over remote reservoir shocks. This system has been rigorously tested to maximize travel and performance on and off the pavement.

For 2013 Dodge added an electronic steering rack which uses different tie rod ends. BDS has you covered with a new 4-6" coil-over lift kit specifically developed for your Dodge 1500 truck.

This lift kit is based around two one-piece, 1/4" laser cut high-clearance crossmembers and replacement steering knuckles. The high-clearance crossmembers increase ground clearance for off road performance and on road appeal.

The replacement steering knuckles make for a clean installation as well as maintain proper steering angles and ball joint angles. A differential skid plate is included for off road protection.

The system also includes bump stop drops, anti-sway bar links, 3 point differential drop system, strut relocation brackets, and front stainless steel brake lines.

Nothing complements this BDS Suspension better than the race proven design of Fox 2.5" remote reservoir coil-over front shocks. These have been specifically engineered to fit the BDS Suspension system and feature an external reservoir for increased oil cooling capacity and nitrogen volume for a more consistent and comfortable ride. These have also been pre-set by BDS to 6" of lift for an easy installation, but can be adjusted down to 4" or fined tuned anywhere in between to your liking.

BDS allows you to customize your desired stance by offering 2" rear coil spacers or 3" and 5" Pro-Ride coils that are capable of being smashed totally flat and will come back to normal ride height. The rear for this Dodge Ram lift kit is completed with a track bar bracket, upper link relocation brackets, and sway bar links.

BDS by Fox 2.0 series rear gas shocks come standard to match the front 2.5" Fox Coil-overs.

Additional (Customize this kit):

These vehicles vary from 1" to 3" tail high from the factory. We offer 2", 3" and 5" rear lift heights. Measure your vehicle and order the appropriate rear lift height to match the front and level your truck. The Fox coil overs are preset to 6" of lift, but can be adjusted down to 4" to achieve your desired stance

3" Rear Lift (included)
Standard for 6" of lift. If your vehicle is 3" tail high from the factory then this is the appropriate selection to level your vehicle.
Upgrade to 2" Rear Lift for $79
The 2" rear coil spacer lift is typically used when adjusting the front coil-overs to 4"-4.5" of lift.
Upgrade to 5" Rear Lift for $53
6" lift: If your vehicle is level to 1" tail high then this is the appropriate selection.
Add Shock Boots for $2.88
Shock boots protect the shock shaft and seal from dirt & debris while adding color to your vehicle's undercarriage. These are packaged boots and include shock ties.
Available boots colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Tire & Wheel Combinations
37" x 12.50" w/17 x 9 and 4-1/2" back spacing
37" x 12.50" w/18 or 20 x 9 and 5" back spacing
Est. Installation: 10 hours
Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 4

Important Kit Notes

1. These trucks vary from 1"-3" tail high from the factory. Be sure to measure your vehicle before ordering. The
022209, 022309, and 022509 can all be substituted to achieve the desired stance.
2. Rack & Pinion steering system is extremely sensitive to any out of round or out of balance tire/wheel combination.
The larger the tire the less the backspacing, the more sensitive the system, causing minor steering wheel shimmy.
3. Not recommended for AWD models.
4. Stock 17" and 18" wheels can not be re-installed. Stock 20" can be reinstalled with factory tire.
5. TRX models will achieve approximately 1" of additional lift. This lift is not recommended for use on the TRX
models due to possible CV shaft vibration caused by the additional lift. Instead, consider our 4" lift system
for 5" of lift or replace the TRX struts with standard struts for use with this system.
6. Will not fit adjustable air suspension equipped models.