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4" (10cm) Suspension Lift Kit

4" (10cm) Suspension Lift Kit


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2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma 4wd 4" Suspension System

Front (base kit): 4" Upper Strut Mount
Rear (base kit): 3" Block

This new Tacoma IFS suspension lift system follows BDS proven design standards using full 1 piece front & rear crossmembers coupled with precision machined ductile cast iron steering knuckles. The steering knuckles are designed to work within the factory traction control constraints and provide stock-like handling characteristics. The knuckles are also considerably more robust in both the mass and strength categories over the rather light-duty stock components.

The crossmembers are built from ¼" steel plate and have integrated differential mounts that work with the new provided differential mounts to properly drop and reposition the front differential for optimal CV and front driveshaft angles.

The whole package is protected by a new belly pan skid plate that runs from the front to rear crossmember and integrates cleanly with the factory from skid/splash guard.

The factory front struts are retained with the kit utilizing a top strut spacer to gain the proper lift height.

The rear of the kit comes with 3" blocks and u-bolts to level the truck and all of the necessary brake line relocation brackets needed.

Customize this kit:

5500 Series rear shocks (included)
BDS hydraulic shocks incorporate CAV techonology and come standard with this suspension system. Will Not Fit 2013-2014 models.
Correct Application Valving (CAV) Technology is based on extensive shock dyno and ride control research offering the most application specific part numbers available for on and off-road light trucks and SUV's.
This results in: increased stability for improved handling, longer front end and tire life, less nose dive on severe braking, less squat on hard acceleration, smoother ride control without harshness.
Upgrade to Fox 2.0 Series Rear Shocks for $151
Required for 2013-2014 models.
Fox 2.0 performance series shocks have been tuned and tested by both Fox and BDS Suspension to maximize performance specific to each application and to every BDS Suspension system. The basic shock design is based on proven Fox Racing Shox race products, but re-designed to maximize the ride quality, handling, and control of your BDS equipped truck or jeep, whether on or off the road.
Add Shock Boots for $2.88
Shock boots protect the shock shaft and seal from dirt & debris while adding color to your vehicle's undercarriage. These are packaged boots and include shock ties.
Available boots colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Tire & Wheel Combinations
33 x 12.50 w/18 x 9 and 4.5" Max. back spacing
w/20 x 9 and 4.5" Max. back spacing
Est. Installation: 6-8 hours
Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 3

Important Kit Notes

1. Minor welding required
2. Requires frame bracket modification
4. Stock wheels cannot be reinstalled
5. System will work on 2WD PreRunner models
6. 2013 & 2014 models require FOX Shock upgrade to clear rear axle tube.
7. Can not use 17" wheels.
8. Some 2014 models may not achieve net lift height stated but will have the same lift stance/final height of an equally equipped 05-13 model